Roofing Company Edina

Roofing Company Edina

Tollefson Bros is a trusted roofing company in Edina that has helped hundreds of homeowners through different roofing needs and repair works. We specialize in roof repair, installation, replacement, exterior siding and insulation, and storm damage services.

What Makes Us The Best Roofing Company In Edina?

We are a top-rated roofing business with several years of experience and numerous positive reviews. Our roofing technicians possess the highest level of experience and industry-standard certifications, making them the best at what they do.

We help our clients make the right roofing choice and offer unsurpassed roof replacements, repairs, and installation solutions at affordable prices. More importantly, we are an accredited, licensed, and insured business with top-end technology and equipment.

Tips For Roof Maintenance

Check your shingles regularly and inspect your roof for missing, cracked, or curling shingles. Peeling flashing, missing granules, and broken shingles are causes for concern. Call a roofing company in Edina immediately to fix the issue.

Schedule roof inspection with a reliable roofing company once or twice a year. Professional roof inspections help spot potential issues in your roof and prevent them before they turn into costly repairs. Also, look for leaks in your attic and ceilings. Water stains on ceilings, musty odors, spots on exterior walls, etc., are some of the signs of roofing problems that require immediate attention.

Common Roof Types In MN

Homeowners must understand the different components of the roof and the various design types to make the right roofing choice, diagnose the issues, and maintain its structure. Here are some of the roofs commonly preferred by homeowners in MN:

  1. Gable Roof

A Gable roof has two sloping sides, making it one of the most common roof types. Gable roofs are of many types: side gable, cross gable, and dutch gable. Homeowners usually prefer asphalt shingles for their gable roof as it holds up well in heavy rain and snow. On the flip side, gable roof requires regular inspections and gutter cleanings. Also, if you live in areas with high winds or hurricanes, a gable roof may not work well.

  1. Hip Roof

A hip roof is a popular roofing style with a unique design. It is basically a four-sided roof, with all sides meeting at the peak. You can build one using asphalt, metal, clay, or concrete and make it last many years with proper maintenance and upkeep. Hip roofs hold up well in heavy wind, rain, and snow. However, it is more expensive and can be trickier to build.

  1. Jerkinhead Roof 

Jerkinhead roofs are a vintage roofing style coming as a unique combination of hip and gable style roofin, You can build Jerkinhead roofs with most roofing materials. Jerkinhead roof requires regular maintenance, but it can be a challenge to find roofing contractors experienced in this type of roofing style.

Call Tollefson Bros at (952) 881-2218 to schedule our roofing company in Edina for a roof repair or replacement job. We offer unsurpassed quality roofing services at budget-friendly prices with excellent customer service. Get in touch with us today.

Roofing Company Edina
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