When to Replace Your Roof?

When to Replace Your Roof


When to Replace Your Roof?

Roof replacement or installation is a substantial investment that has a huge influence on the value, functionality, and appearance of your property. There are several reasons to replace your old roof and install a new one, which is why it’s significant to seek the help of professionals to inspect, evaluate your roof, and also determine if roof replacement is worth your investment. Whether you are renting out a house, planning to sell your home, or your roof has crossed the 20-year mark, Stay Dry Roofing Services recommends having your roof examined to uncover any damage and decide if roof repair is needed or if it’s time for a brand new roof.  Offering roof replacement, roof repair, and leak repair services in Kingwood, we’ve identified the perfect reasons why you need to have your roof replaced. Let’s go find out!   Roof Leak & Water Damage When your roof starts to leak continually, there is a strong possibility that the roof has been affected by water, hence replacement is imminent. Don’t wait till it’s late, if you notice wet spots in most parts of your home – especially water drops along your wall – then it’s time to replace your roof.  One of the major issues with old roofs is their susceptibility to leaks, if your roof starts letting water into the space below, you may want to book a repair or replacement right away. We offer leak repair service in Kingwood, however, if the damage is beyond control, roof replacement might be the best solution.   When Your Home is up for Sale When you are thinking of putting your home up for sale, your first course of action should be to get a complete roof replacement in Kingwood, TX. The roof is simply the most essential part of your home exterior to potential buyers, which is why your home’s roof must be as exquisite as possible. Your property may get low attention or even get undervalued if your roof is poor. Therefore, replacing your roof prior to a sale is a perfect time to update your home.   Your Roof is Too old If your current roof has spent some certain years, there’s almost no need to keep spending on repair work as opposed to getting a reliable roof replacement in Kingwood, TX. While roofs are engineered to be solid and last for a long period of time, the overall effects of rain, snow, wind, and turbulent storms can reduce the lifespan of your roof.  Knowing when to schedule roof replacement in Kingwood TX due to age depends solely on the type of material your roof is made from. Apparently, if your roof is nearing the end of its long lifespan, replacing the roof would be the best informed decision you would ever make, especially if the repair costs appear extremely higher than your budget.   Curled, Buckled, or Missing Shingles Buckled, curled, or missing roof shingles are a warning sign that your roof has used up its time. All these conditions may cause a pathway to open and allow water, as well as other outside elements into your home – this will also leave your roof vulnerable during heavy storms. If your roof is facing these mishaps, there’s no other outstanding remedy than to replace your roof.    Daylight Coming Through Roof Boards Should you be worried when this occurs? Yes! Because this is a clear sign that your roof needs immediate replacement as your home is fully exposed to materials such moisture, water, dust, and many other destructive elements.  When light starts streaking from your rooftop or decking, this might pose a huge problem which means your roof has lost its strength, as well as its waterproofing properties. Moving forward, this might also be an avenue for insects and small animals to enter your home.   Final Ideas If you are finally ready to replace your old or damaged roof, you can get in touch with the leading roofing company in KingwoodStay Dry Roofing Services. We are authorities in roof inspection, leak repair, maintenance, and roof replacement. Importantly, you can browse through our various types of roofing and instantly book an appointment with us today.  Lastly, if you are not certain about the condition of your roof, and you need the expertise of a professional roofer, we’ll be glad to be of tremendous assistance to you. We’ll present to you a sincere roof evaluation and consequently recommend a suitable roof that will ensure your home have a healthy and prolonged life. Call us today at (713) 936-4026 to get a free estimate!  


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