How Long Should A Roof Last

Roof Lifetime - How Long Should A Roof Last


How Long Should a Roof Last?

Roof Lifetime - To be realistic, no roof type can last forever, not even in the mildest of climates. However, there are several ways to measure how long your current roof can stand the test of time. Also, there are many factors that can affect the lifespan of your roof which includes the quality of materials used, climate, installation, and the level of maintenance.  Generally, an average asphalt roof shingle can stay up to 20 to 25 years, of course depending on the location and quality of your home’s roof. Due to the unpredictable climate in some regions, it’s important to carry out regular inspections, as well as roof repair or replacement as needed.  These and many more can grossly affect the lifespan and integrity of your roof, but how long precisely do you expect your home’s roof to last? Let’s go find out!  

Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Your Roof Lifetime

With many variables in existence and numerous factors to take into account, it can be challenging to perfectly predict how long your roof will last. Nonetheless, we’ve listed some of major contributing factors that can affect your roof lifetime:   Shingle Type Since roofing materials have different components, as well as distinct lifespan, the longevity of your roof lifetime may depend on your type of roof. The common types of shingles in the state of Texas include: Asphalt: While this type of shingle is used widely, economical, and works well under normal conditions, it may be destroyed by heavy storms. However, the average lifespan of asphalt shingles ranges from 15 to 25 years. The biggest highlight of this shingle is easy installation and low cost. Metal: This is a good choice for people that cherish durability in roofs. Even though metal roofs can be noisy during heavy storm rain, they can withstand harsh weather and without noticeable damage. Consequently, they can last between 50 and 80 years.  Slate: For anyone that really wants to get the best out of their roof, there’s no better choice than quality slate shingles. Apparently, they are the most durable roofing materials available, so long as they are installed properly, there shouldn’t be any problem. Slate shingles are beautiful and can use up to 100 years.   Climate Over the years, climate has proven to be one of the major factors that affect a Roof Lifetime – from heavy rainfall to excessive heat and tropical storms – it can come in any form. Similarly, climate plays a huge role in the durability and health of your roof, and depending on the region you live, severe conditions can make things worse. Fortunately, we take Kingwood’s unique weather into proper consideration in every roof replacement and installation we undertake.   Quality  The quality of your roof application also determines its lifespan. Which means the contractor you call to install, inspect, repair, and maintain your roof lifetime will determine how long it lasts. Guess what? The team of roofing specialists at Sky Dry Roofing have over 15 years of combine professional experience and absolutely understand the major difficulties associated with a variable climate.   The Benefits of a Regular Roof Inspection A complete roof inspection from Stay Dry Roofing covers all the general components of your roof such as shingles, gutters, flashings, and ventilation. In other words, this exercise should be performed annually or after a serious storm in order to check for possible damage. Nevertheless, the importance of regular roof inspection includes:   Initial Warning: The earlier a roofing problem is discovered, the easier it becomes to tackle. A roof inspection schedule can reveal minor problems before they cause further damages or lead to major roof repairs.  Peace of Mind: To avoid emergency or unexpected roof repairs, it’s essential to carry out routine inspection on your roof. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your roof can withstand any storm. Elongated Lifespan: After a major inspection and a problem is discovered, immediate roof maintenance and repair will certainly help prolong the life of your roof by fully replacing missing shingles, repairing leaks, removing moss growth, and cleaning the roof gutters.   Schedule a Roof Inspection, Repair, or Replacement in Kingwood or Houston, Texas No type of roofing material is the same, they serve different purposes and have their individual lifespan which may be influenced by the roof application, climate, and maintenance. To ensure your roof lifetime is well maintained and do not grow old, you can confidently count on the roofing experts at Stay Dry Roofing Services. For quality roof replacement, roof repair, and leak repair services in Kingwood or Houston, call Stay Dry Roofing Services at (713) 936-4026 or kindly contact us through our contact form at to get a no-obligation free estimate!


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