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There is no fixed answer for this because the time involved varies. weather conditions affect the time frame it will take to replace your roof. It’s better to have a new roof installed during mild weather. If you are experiencing an roofing services emergency the team will patch up the area until the weather permits for the team to move forward with a full roof replacement.

On an average, the entire process of installing a new roof is anywhere from one to three business days to a maximum of a week. This includes delivery of material, roof removal, roof replacement, and the time spent on cleaning up of the area.

This depends on the shingles and structural condition of the roof - where it’s possible to safely repair one missing or damaged shingle. Typically a repair will take our technician one - four hours and will cost anywhere from $250 - $1,700. If shingles are decaying rather quickly it is a sign the roof needs to be replaced.

There is always a chance of the earlier contractor who had installed the roof to have done a poor job wherein you now have to haul and repair the entire roof. In many cases it's more cost effective to replace your entire roof.

There is also no fixed answer for this because it depends on the roof size, roof structural needs and brand of roofing shingles, underlayment, and it’s type and grade. We take great care to educate our customers about a wide range of cost effective quality roofing material options. A good roof should last anywhere from 20 - 30 years. At Stay Dry Roofing Services we guarantee our materials for 30 years.

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While you may not be happy about repairing or replacing your roof, its inevitable. This is why it’s better if you know something about roofing, and if you don’t, just go through the facts listed below. It’ll help you decide on whether you should hire a skilled roofer or not. Don’t hesitate to call us, rated a top roofing services company with both the expertise and experience to tackle all home roofing problems.

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Our roofing services is committed to excellence in every aspect of our work. Since the beginning, we’ve upheld a standard of integrity bound by transparency, fairness, and personal responsibility. We work consistently on a foundation of uncompromising values, pride in workmanship, and complete customer satisfaction. You can count on us to continue on the same track for many more years to come.

Our industry expertise, combined with time-tested abilities, is what makes us true professionals, but our real distinction is the quality of service we bring to our clients. We look out for our customers best interests and make your concerns the focus of our business.

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