Drain Tile Repair Surrey

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Drain Tile Repair Surrey

Drain tile repair, Surrey

Water is often the cause of a lot of heartaches when it is not disposed of right. Finding the right company to fix your drain tile or install a new one can be a troublesome task. We at Tap-Roots plumbing and heating have 24/7 emergency plumbers to take care of your drainage problems. We have been in the business for well over 20 years now. Our service is the best you will find in the Surrey area. We have both an industrial as well as a commercial team to tackle all of your problems. Our motto is to “serve our clients” these words are paramount to us as we do our daily duties.

What is a drain tile

A drain tile is, in essence, a network of pipes running alongside the foundation of your house. The pipes are specifically fitted to draw the water away from your foundation. This will help the water from sneaking into cracks and damaging your basement walls or your home's foundation itself. All of these pipes run through to a sump pump that will drive the water away. In other cases it will lead to a downward sloping drain system where it is has the same impact taking away the water from your home.

What is the setup for a drain tile system
When you opt to have a drain tile system added to your home it is usually installed with perforated 4” pipes that are added around your home's foundation. Usually, they will be put a few inches down the foundation and if need be under the slab itself. The covering of these pipes is usually just a foot of gravel that will enhance the water to move down.

How does it work
A drain tile system is very simplistic in nature even if you know nothing about plumbing. In essence it forgers a way for the water to travel with the least amount of resistance around your house. The water will then have a free way to roll down the side of your house and into the tile drain system. When it gets to the tile drain system is will continue to move through the pipes to a drainage system outlet. This system is effective to keep unwanted or unused water away from your home where it can cause trouble.

Every drain tile system will differ from the next because not each house and terrain is the same. The basic principle of how it works will, however, remain the same no matter the house. It can be very effective and efficient when you get it installed by the right people with the right amount of expertise.

Installing a drain tile should not be such a headache if you use our service at Tap-Roots plumbing & heating. We have been doing this for a long time so we are experts in our field. Our services do not stop by drain tiles alone we have a variety of other services as well be it commercial or residential. Don’t hesitate to give us a call so that we can send someone out to assist you.

Drain Tile Repair Surrey
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